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This range of Arinc-429 PCI interfaces provides the user with fixed configurations:

- Sy429PCI-RT44 (4Tx, 4Rx)

- Sy429PCI-RT88 (8Tx, 8Rx)

- Sy429PCI-RT24 (12Tx, 12Rx)

- Sy429PCI-RT32 (16Tx, 16Rx)

The card is 100% hardware and software backwards compatible with Sycos’ full length PCI carrier card with up to 4 RT44 modules installed, in a half length PCI-X interface format.

The image below is a card configured with 12Tx and 12Rx channels.

- 1k x 4 byte Cyclic Data Buffer per channel

- PCI Interface

- Individual configuration of high and low speed   operation all receive and transmit channels

- Automatic transmit waveform shaping for speed   selected

- Choice of odd, even or no parity

- Internal loopback for test purposes, with driver   output inhibit

- PCI interrupts can be triggered on the reception of   ARINC-429 data

Fixed Configuration Products

Sales Ref: Sy429PCI-RT24


- Configured with 4, 12, 16 or 32 channels

- Minimum 4 ARINC-429 Transmit Channels

- Minimum 4 ARINC-429 Receive Channels

- 1k x 4byte Cyclic Data Buffer per channel

- Individual channel speed selectable

- Choice of Odd, Even or No Parity

- Internal Loop-back for test purposes

- Interrupts on received ARINC-429 data