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Occupying a single slot in a VME chassis, the Sy429VME-R8 card offers easy to use, high performance, VME interfacing to 8 Rx and 2 Tx ARINC-429/575 channels. The 32-bit VME version is shown, but the original 16-bit data version is also available.

The card is designed with a Receive Personality Table (RPT), where the user defines exactly the labels that are required to be filtered from the bus and where to place them in a Dual Port RAM buffer. The RPT covers all combinations of Channel, Label, SDI and SSM. The RPT also provides a facility to generate interrupts on received labels.

There is also a Time-Stamp Buffer which stores a 32-bit time-stamp of each data word placed in the buffer. The data buffer behaves as a Current Value Table where, if new data arrives for a particular label, the old data and time-stamp are over-written.

The card is programmed by the host processor via a few directly addressable control registers. Once set up, the host processor need only write transmit data to the board and, when required, read received data from a Dual Port RAM buffer addressed by Channel, Label, SDI and SSM. The time-stamp is read automatically on reading the data and can be used or discarded, as required.

This card is particularly useful in applications where the user simply wishes to capture data of a particular set of Labels and re-fresh an information display, as required.

2Tx, 8Rx Product

Sales Ref: Sy429VME-52R8 (D32)


- 2 Transmit Channels

- 8 Receive Channels

- 3.9 to 167KHz bit rate, software selectable

- Rx Label, SDI, SSM Filter

- Time-Stamping of Received Data

- Loop-back Test Mode

- Versatile Interrupt Facility

- VMEbus Interface A24, D16 or D32 option

- 256 ARINC word deep FIFO Buffer per Tx


- Choice of VME-D16 or VME-D32