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Occupying a single slot in a VME chassis, the Sy429VME-RT64 card provides the user with 64 channels of Arinc-429 from two Sycos PMC cards installed on an ESD carrier board.

The user can choose from any of Sycos’ range of PMC cards according to the channel mix requirement, including Sycos’ latest PowerPMC cards. Combinations from 64 Receivers to 64 Transmitters can be realised.

Sycos offers Windows and Linux DLL and VxWorks driver support for all installable PMC modules and in particular a full VxWorks v6.8 board support package (BSP) for its PowerPMC range of cards.

An ESD VME64 Carrier card with two Sycos PowerQUICC III PMC Modules offers a user the most powerful Arinc-429 solution for aircraft test benches and simulators in the industry. Such a solution provides the user with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 RS232 ports and two independently programmable PowerPC processors operating at up to 1GHz

32Tx, 32Rx Product

Sales Ref: Sy429VME-RT64


- Intelligent VME-64 Carrier Card

- 32bit PCI Interface

- Two PMC sites

- Up to 64 channels of Arinc-429/575

- PowerQUICC III PMC Modules with backward

  compatibility to earlier models

- Up to 64 Arinc Tx Channels

- Up to 64 Arinc Rx Channels

- PIM support for rear I/O routing

- VxWorks v6.8 BSP

- VxWorks v6.8 Driver