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The Sy429/VME-62 card is a high performance ARINC 429 to VMEbus interface card providing 2 transmit and 6 receive channels capable of simultaneous operation at the maximum rate without loss of data or interrupts.


The card can be used to send and receive broadcast messages whilst simultaneously controlling file transfers under Williamsburg Protocol. Communication between Host and Card is achieved via COMMAND-FIFO, RESPONSE-FIFO and 128 k bytes of shared memory. Williamsburg Protocol File Transfer is under the control of an on-board micro-processor.


Rx Data Files and selected Rx-data-words are automatically captured and stored in shared memory. Information placed in the RESPONSE-FIFO identifies where the data is stored as well as signalling the host that File data is available. Broadcast data can be accessed as the Host processor requires.


BITE is automatically performed after POWER-ON to test memory, Tx and Rx internal loop-back with no outputs onto the bus. During operation, separate receivers are used to continually monitor the Rx and Tx channels to determine if faults occur in either the Receiver or Driver devices. Faults are recorded in non-volatile RAM.


Errors detected and logged include parity errors, receiver and driver faults.


Interruptable events include RESPONSE-FIFO not-empty, Watch-Dog-Time-Out and Processor-Halt.


Other features include:

- Hardware CRC support to enable rapid file transfer   in accordance with Williamsburg Protocol.

- On-Board 68EC020 microprocessor running at   25MHz.

- Flightworthy version available with stiffening bars   and provision for use with wedged card racks.

WP 2Tx, 6Rx Product

Sales Ref: Sy429VME-62R


- High Integrity

- 6 Receive Channels

- 2 Transmit Channels


- On-Board Microprocessor

- Configurable Transmit Schedules

- 2 to 167 kHz bit rate, software configurable

- Application Software downloadable to card

- Automatic File Transfer according to

  Williamsburg Protocol

- Standard Commercial and Flightworthy versions