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Sycos’ range of Arinc-629 products provide the user with three different configurations:

• Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor

• Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor with Error


• Multi-Terminal-Emulator (up to 120


All Sycos ARINC-629 products use qualified Terminal Controller Devices (DATAC) and Systems Interface Modules (SIM) and therefore obey all the rules of ARINC-629 Basic Protocol. Error Insert and Detect features are now available across the spectrum of platforms that PMC modules can be installed on.

The original VMEbus cards were widely used in the development and test of the Boeing 777 airplane, back in the early 1990’s. In particular, the Multi-Terminal-Emulator is used extensively in Full Flight Simulators. Most recently, these designs were ported to PMC and PCIe to enable users to take advantage of modern computer technology.

Sycos ARINC-629 Multi-Current-Mode-Coupler card was developed to support Boeing 777 Full Flight Simulators. The card represents 5 Current Mode Coupler connections to a terminated bus. The user need only connect LRU Stub Cables to any port on the card and the communication is indistinguishable from that of a terminated bus cable with individual Current Mode Couplers attached. This architecture represents a significant cost saving for those organizations developing test benches and particularly Full Flight Simulators. Sycos ARINC-629 Multi-Current-Mode-Coupler is available in 3U VMEbus format, PMC format and PCIe format. Being available in PMC format allows users to install on a variety of host systems that employ PMC sites, including VME, PCI, cPCI, PCIe, PXI and PXIe. The product needs no programming and needs only the power supply rails from the PMC connection.

VMEbus boards are supported with VxWorks driver and Board Support Package. All PC based configurations are supported with Windows and Linux drivers and API.