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Sycos is able to offer Arinc-429 CompactPCI solutions by exploiting its family of PMC modules which can be installed on a Sycos Proprietary CompactPCI PMC carrier card or a selected third party carrier card. As a result, both 3U and 6U CompactPCI card solutions are available.

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Sales Ref: Sy429cPCI-RT32

Example product shown:


- 3U CompactPCI carrier card

- Arinc-429 PMC Module Installed

- 32 Channel Arinc-429 CompactPCI Solution

- 16 Independently programmable Receive   Channels

- 16 Independently programmable Transmit   Channels

- Loop-back Test Mode

- Versatile Interrupt Facility

- 32-bit PCI interface

- 2 x 32-bit data cyclic buffers per channel

- Supports ARINC 429, ARINC 575 and ARINC 582

- Windows and Linux drivers and software tools