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ARINC 429 PMC Products

Sycos range of ARINC 429 PMC modules offer the user up to 32 channels on a single width PMC module. Air Cooled, Ruggedized Air Cooled and Conduction Cooled versions are available. Firmware options are available to enhance the functionality of the product to realise an extremely sophisticated simulation and testing facility.

ARINC specification 575 is software selectable on all models.

ARINC Input/Output is via the backplane and also via a 68 pin SCSI connector on the PMC module faceplate. Provision is made for a Connector Identification Code to be read from the connector.

Sycos’ enhanced range of PMC modules was chosen by EADS for their Advanced Integrated Data Acquisition and Simulation System (AIDASS).

Sycos’ Conduction Cooled PMC module was selected for the prestigious EADS CASA Air Re-fuelling Boom Control Computer System (ARBCCS) and is currently in service in the Royal Australian Air Force Multi-Role Tanker Transport Aircraft (MRTT).