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Sycos ARINC-429 avionics interface product development began over 30 years ago as a VMEbus card that employed qualified bus transceivers to communicate with qualified avionics equipment. Subsequently, Sycos developed its own Intellectual Property (IP), to introduce a more comprehensive facility to support the testing of commercial avionics equipment, which is now employed in many interfaces to VMEbus, PCIbus, PMC and PCIe. Traditional Air Cooled cards are the primary focus, but many of Sycos interface cards are available in Ruggedized Air-Cooled and Conduction-Cooled, as the requirement dictates. Sycos interface cards are supporting many test benches and flight simulators across the avionics industry and are well received wherever they are used.

Software support includes VxWorks drivers and Board Support Packages for VMEbus cards; Drivers, DLLs and APIs for PCIbus based cards under Windows and Linux.

ARINC 429 Products