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Data Sheet

ARINC 429 PMC Receiver Product

Sycos ARINC 429 PMC Receiver module offers the user up to 32 Receiver channels on a single width PMC module.

Each channel is supported with a pair of Cyclic-Data-Buffers each of which are 1k deep and 32bits wide. One for data words and one for a 32-bit timestamp words. Deeper buffers are available as an option.

ARINC Input/Output is via the backplane and also via a 68 pin SCSI connector on the PMC module faceplate. Provision is made for a Connector Identification Code to be read from the connector.

ARINC 575 is software selectable per channel.

Firmware options are available to enhance the functionality of the product to realise an extremely sophisticated simulation and testing facility. Refer to the product data sheet for details.

Other PMC modules supporting ARINC-575 and the six wire buses of ARINC-561, 568, 571 and 582 are available.

Sales Ref: Sy429PMC-R32E


- ARINC 429 compatible

- Choice of 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel modules

- Direct access to Cyclic Data Buffer Read / Write


- 1k deep 4byte wide Cyclic-Data-Buffer per


- PCI interrupts on Module Events

- Direct access to Module Registers and Application


- Windows XX drivers and software tools

- ARINC Input/Output via backplane and also via 68

  pin SCSI on the faceplate

- Interface compatible with 32bit PCI Local bus

  Specification, revision 2.1, June 1995

- Other modules for supporting:

      - ARINC-561, 568, 571, 582 (6-wire)

      - RS-422

      - ARINC-575

- Conduction Cooled Variant