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The Sy629PCIe-M-CMC module allows ARINC-629 terminals to communicate directly without the need for an ARINC-629 bus Cable and conventional Current Mode Couplers.


Up to 5 connections per module have been designed into the device to provide a cost-effective solution to ground based test equipment and flight simulator applications. Units are cascaded to allow further terminals to be added to the virtual ARINC-629 data bus. Up to 40 feet of cable is allowable between cascaded devices.


The Sy629PCIe-M-CMC card eliminates the need for expensive stub cable connectors. The modular device provides stub cable connection compatible with ARINC-629 aircraft equipments.


Devices with more connections per unit can be supplied as an option.


Each connection responds correctly to channel swap commands from the LRU System Interface Module (SIM), thus ensuring correct BITE status reporting.


External power connection is not required. Power for the electronics is drawn from connected terminals in the normal way, or can be configured to use power supplies on the PMC connectors. There is no PCI interface. The PMC mechanical format is simply a convenient means for assembly onto pmc sites of a variety of carrier cards.


Cables can be supplied for connection between a port on the card for direct connection to LRU Arinc-629 ports.


Of particular note is the low power consumption. By configuring the card to use power from the pmc connectors, there is no power drain from the LRU in test bench and simulator applications.

Multi Current-Mode-Coupler

Sales Ref: Sy629PCIe-M-CMC


- Multiple ARINC-629 Current Mode Coupling

- No Data-bus Cable

- PMC card format


- 5 Connections per card

- Units can be cascaded for further connections

- Inter-module connections up to 40 feet

- Stub Cables connect directly to module

- Power drawn from connected terminals or from   the PMC connectors, jumper configured

- Responds correctly to Coupler Swap Demands

- Ideal for Test benches and simulators