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The Sy629M-CMC provides a cost-effective means to communicate between up to 5 ARINC-629 terminals, without using the ARINC-629 data bus cable or conventional Current Mode Couplers. This is achieved by simply connecting LRU stub cables directly to the module. The product is supplied as either a single Eurocard or as a stand-alone module with 5 conventional LRU connectors for stub cable connection.

Each terminal connected to the unit is designed to respond correctly to the SIM request for coupler channel swap. This ensures that the SIM BITE status is reported to the terminal. ie. Two good CMC channels.

No external power connection is required for the module. Power is drawn from each of the terminals connected to the module.

Units can be cascaded by electrical connection to increase the number of terminals communicating within the module. Inter-module connections of up to 40 feet are possible.

The product has been designed for ground based test equipment and is currently supporting commercially available Boeing 777 full flight simulators.

Multi Current-Mode-Coupler

Sales Ref: Sy629VME-M-CMC


- ARINC-629 Multi Current-Mode-Coupler

- 5 ARINC-629 Stub Cable Connections

- Cascade Module to Increase Connection Count

- Responds to Channel Swap Commands

- Powered from LRU Connection

- Module or Eurocard Options

- No Bus Cable Required

- Ideal for test and simulation support