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ARINC 429 VME 4 Tx, 48 Rx Product

Occupying a single slot in a VME chassis, the Sy429VME-52 card offers an easy to use, high performance, VME interface to 4 Tx and 48 Rx ARINC-429 channels. The user can select, under software control, 4 receive busses from the 48 inputs for re-transmitting out of the 4 transmit busses.

The card essentially acts as a channel selector and supports any 32-bit two-wire ARINC-429 derivative such as ARINC-575.

Sales Ref: Sy429VME-52


- High Integrity

- 48 Receive Channels

- 4 Transmit Channels

- Loop-back Test Mode

- Single Slot Card

- 3.9 to 167 Khz bit rate