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ARINC 629 VME Products

Sycos Arinc-629 Interfaces to VMEbus were developed in the early 1990’s in support of the Boeing 777 airplane development. All Sycos ARINC-629 cards use approved terminal controllers (DATAC) and System Interface Modules (SIMs) and are therefore in full compliance with Basic Protocol. Sycos ARINC-629 VME cards continue to support Boeing 777 avionics test, development and flight simulation activities and component obsolescence is continually being designed out.

Sycos’ Multi Current-Mode-Coupler Device provides a cost-effective alternative to using individual Current Mode Couplers, allowing up to five stub cable connections per card. Arinc-629 terminals essentially communicate with eachother through their System Interface Modules (SIMs) without a bus connection. Such communication is achieved without loss of message or protocol integrity and is ideal for use in test, development and simulation activities. The unit draws its power from the stub cable connections and does not therefore need any external power supply.

VME products supporting Basic Protocol:

•   Sy629VME-BPM            Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor

•   Sy629VME-BPE             Transmitter and Full Bus Monitor with Error Insert/Detect

•   Sy629VME-BPT             Multi-Terminal Emulator (up to 120 terminals)

•   Sy629VME-BPTE           Multi-Terminal Emulator (up to 120 terminals), with Error Insert/Detect

•   Sy629VME-M-CMC        Multi-Current-Mode-Coupler (5 port)

These ARINC-629 VME products are well established and have been employed in many test, development and simulation activities since 1991.

The Sy629VME-BPM card is also available in Conduction Cooled Format, which is supported with VxWorks drivers.

The fundamental features of these designs are now employed in a variety of products to support a range of host buses, including PMC, PCI, PCIe and PXI.