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ARINC 629 VME Basic Protocol Tx and Bus Monitor Product

The Sy629VME-BPM card provides a convenient means for transmitting and receiving data over an ARINC 629 bus in accordance with the transmit and receive programme defined by data written into the XPP and RPP memory. The card uses the DATAC terminal controller for scheduling messages onto the bus and receiving messages from the bus, via the System Interface Module (SIM), using Basic Protocol. The RPP provides message filtering from the bus.

The card has a facility to automatically decode received messages and time-stamp them with resolution of 0.5 µS. A Status FIFO is used to store information about received messages, including Label+Extension, 32-bit time-stamp, Word Count and String Count and DATAC Error Status. Received Data can be directed to either a dual data buffer or FIFO or both. A Receive Monitor enables the user to capture all bus traffic, irrespective of programming the RPP. This can be extremely useful if there is little knowledge of messages on the bus. A Transmit Monitor is available for monitoring all transmit messages.

A Dual Data Buffer is used for loading messages for transmission. Only one side of the buffer is active to the DATAC, whilst new messages are loaded into the dormant side of the buffer. This preserves message integrity. The Dual Data Buffer is also used for receiving complete messages from the bus.

Sales Ref: Sy629VME-BPM


- Uses DATAC chip

- Direct access to XPP & RPP

- Block & Independent Modes

- Multiple Dual Data Buffers

- High Resolution System Timer

- Bus Monitoring including:

     - Label & Extension

     - Time stamping

     - Error Status

- Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC)

- Optional Conduction Cooled Version

- External Timer Clock input

- Word & String Count

- Multiple XPP